The Dolmen of Montalbano

The Dolmen of Montalbano, also known as La Tavola dei Paladini, situated in the homonymous village Fasano, whose territory is crossed by numerous morphologically torrential incisions called Lame. In these places that developed the ancient civilization preistoirica and Dolmen is the proof par excellence. The monument, presumably erected in the Bronze Age (then between 2000 and 1500 BC), is an important witness to the “megalithic civilization” and is preserved almost intact despite the ravages of time and vandals. On the function of the monument have been formulated several hypotheses, the most likely think that gives the Dolmen value of sacrificial altar, which testifies to the presence of the cult of the dead in the territory.

Despite being a short distance from the border Ostuni, the ancient structure insists territory Fasano.

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