Settlements Rupestri

The rock dwellings are an important example of that particular way of living: “living in a cave”, which marked the beginning of the eleventh century. The phenomenon of living in the cave remains, in our territory, until the fourteenth or fifteenth century. Simultaneously with the houses that were building up sub divo and represents a real peculiarity of our territory. Gradually abandoning Egnatia, now in ruins because of the invasions have occurred after the fall of the Roman Empire, the people moving within , where the flow of ancient rivers, engraved in the limestone depressions of the land called “lame”. The walls of the blades, the soft tufa stone, allow to dig out entire villages with caves used to homes and animal shelters, places dedicated to agricultural activities, mills and beautiful crypts decorated with Byzantine frescoes.

Among the most important settlements in Fasano we must mention that of Lama d’Antico, near the train station, which is the largest, with a beautiful church-crypt with two aisles, the settlements of San Lorenzo and San Giovanni near the district Scanzossa, that of San Francesco in the vicinity of the farm of the same name and the crypt of St. Vigil in the blade of Masseria Abbaterisi.

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