The Minaret of Fasano is a historic building of the most interesting of Fasano. The monument is an example of eclectic architecture near the Selva di Fasano. The designer of the structure was Damaso Bianchi in 1918. The Minaret was born to be a residential villa, perfect example of building in east style with a tower that dominates the whole landscape. The origins of the minaret at the architectural level are to be found on a trip in the Islamic countries of the architect. For the construction of the monument was used labor from Africa. Even the materials used have oriental origins. The structure was used as a private residence that summer as the site used in the study and cultural exchange. At times when the building was full the homeowner lit on top of a lighthouse, a symbol of the light of culture. For a time the monument has also hosted a school of weaving directed by Benedetta Tangari, to study the correlation between the Eastern culture with that of the High Salento.

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