Museum of the House to Fasano

The Museum of the House to Fasano is one of the most important museums of Fasano. The Museum is in a typical living quarters of the old town of Fasano. Inside you can admire the objects and daily utensils once used to Fasano. The house that houses the Museum of the House to Fasanese dates back to the sixteenth century. With time was incorporated inside the Palace Pezzolla. The various demolitions that have affected buildings on the Old Market Square have fortunately kept integrates this structure. The House Museum Fasanese was opened to the public in 2011. The interior is developed in a room, which is accessed directly from the outside, a room used as a night rest area of the parents, a dressing room and a mezzanine for offspring. There were no doors to separate the rooms, but seeks. The historic building is defined by the fact that it complies with the socio-cultural trends of a major slice of the inhabitants of the south, in older ages.

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