Archaeological Park of Egnatia

In the town of Fasano you can see the remains of an ancient city messapica, or the people of Peucezi. Documents related to this town can also be found in the writings of Strabo, Pliny and Horace. Egnatia is today one of the most important archaeological sites in Puglia. Due to numerous looting most of the finds have been sold on the black market, depriving students of important evidence for the reconstruction of the local history. Archaeological excavations real began in the early twentieth century, while the establishment of the Museum. Messapica era in Egnatia preserved defensive walls and the necropolis. Many of the tombs are richly decorated with frescoes. You can trace the history of the place through four meters of layers, to a period that goes from the Iron Age to the settlements of age greek-roman. Egnatia is interesting especially in urban planning.

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